Portland Winter A look at Portland In the winter of 2012 I went to Portland, Oregon for Christmas and shot various time lapse footage around the city, creating a look at the winter wonderland. P
Breakup Ninja A New Web Series Laugh Stash TV has released the first of three commercials for the company's first comedy web series, Breakup Ninja. The series centers around a Ninja who can be summoned to assist in breakups through a phone app. However, all doesn't always go as planned and soon the Ninja finds himself and his app business at the mercy of the treacherous Hookup Pirates. Keep up to date an all things Breakup Ninja at breakupninja.com.
Laugh Stash TV
New Production Company I'm please to announce my new production company Laugh Stash TV, an stash of laughs. Laugh Stash TV is dedicated to bring comedy shorts, skits, and web series to the internet for your daily dose of lols. Check out Laugh Stash TV at laughstash.tv.
Hold Up in NYC
NewFilmmakers New York In 2013, Hold Up was accepted to be screened as part of the NewFilmmakers New York winter screening series. On February 27th the film screened at the Anthology Theater located at 32nd Avenue New York, NY. Hold Up even made the cover of the NewFilmmaker's news letter for the month of February.
Hold Up in NYC
Manhattan Film Festival In June of 2012, I flew to New York City to attend the screening for Hold Up at the Manhattan Film Festival. The festival spanned 10 days and screened over 140 films. Hold Up was screened during a short block at the Producer's Club located at 358 W 44th Street New York, NY.
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